Syria Third Space
As part of her role as the Middle East North Africa Regional Arts Manager for the British Council, between 2011 and 2015 Alma Salem designed and managed the Syria artists in recovery grants programme and co-curated the touring exhibition Syria Third space, a cultural response to working in countries and regions in crisis. Through a structured research and small grants scheme, the British council gave over 80 small grants to displaced Syrian artists in more than 10 countries. Syria Third Space highlighted the vital roles that artists were playing in supporting recovery and resilience, underscoring how artists can break boundaries, support and unite communities, re-interpret and offer alternative viewpoints through their practice. The exhibition included a selection of over 30 works including film, photography, video arts, and installations that highlighted the roles that artists were playing in response to conflict and displacement. This exhibition was held at British Council headquarters in London in January 2015, the European parliament in Brussels in June 2015, and at the Naughton Gallery at Queens University Belfast in January 2016.