WAVE - VAGUE - موجة

  • This exhibition comes ten years after the wave of Arab Spring revolutions and examines its repercussions on the current Syrian feminist wave. It also touches on the impact of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement five years after its founding in breaking the stereotyped image of women’s positions. Its energy in moving that wave towards achieving the presence of women in the public sphere and at the political decision making table. "WAVE" credits: Concept - Curator. :by Alma. Material Coordinator:by Muna Kattoub. Video-Arts: “Their faces”/“Their messages” by Warsha team- Hakawati Idea and video art - "their moments"by Zoya Editing and Translation: by Henna Platform Graphic design: by Salina Abaza Produced by The Syrian Women's Political Movement July 2022.
  • WAVE is also called a wave (in plural: waves). In physics it is a form of energy transfer and dynamic disturbance (a change of equilibrium). Waves are distinguished from particles by having a set of physical behaviors, including propagation, reflection, refraction, interference, intersection, diffraction, scattering, and dispersing. Its properties also differ between material and immaterial mediums, as well as its forms of movement as it may move horizontally or longitudinally. Waves can be periodic in which case those quantities oscillate repeatedly about an equilibrium (resting) value at some frequency. Read the catalogue https://syrianwomenpm.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/WAVE_EN_03.pdf to ride on a wave and discover the perspectives of its phenomenon.
Wave exhibition @ Maison De La Culture, Monkland, Montreal October 2022